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Science is a human endeavour and spirituality a human quality – Swami Tapasyananda

Science is a human endeavour and spirituality a human quality.

There is one thing indisputably in common between a scientist and a spiritual seeker, and that is that both of them are in search of Truth and are admittedly its votaries.

But as to what Truth consists in, they have differences. Truth, for science, is always the ‘measurable’, and it is the pre-supposition of science that everything that really exists can be brought within the scope of measurement by pointer-reading instruments and calculations based on them. Physics is the model for all sciences in this respect. Even psychology, which was till the other day a branch of philosophy, has emerged as a science by adopting the technique of measurement.

In contrast to this, when a spiritual seeker speaks of Truth, he means primarily the Immeasurable — what is more commonly known as the Infinite and Absolute Being.

Even when a spiritual votary adores a Personal God, he identifies Him implicitly with the Infinite and Absolute Being without probably understanding all its philosophical implications. Spirituality in this view is the sensitiveness of the mind to the Infinite and Absolute Being, and includes all those attitudes and responses springing from this sensitiveness.