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Mayil Kavadi

Mayil Kavadi is one of the different types of Kavadi taken by devotees to the hill shrines of Muruga. Mayil Kavadi is one of the most popular Kavadis. Mayil means Peacock and the bird is the vehicle or vahana of Muruga – Subramanya or Kartik.

In the Mayil Kavadi, the stick is decorated on either side with peacock feathers, has a canopy of silk cloth, flowers and bells. It is brightly painted. Many tassels hand down.

People carry Mayil Kavadi for desire fulfillment and as part of thanksgiving for favor received. Some people carry it purely out of devotion to Muruga.

There are numerous designs of the Mayil Kavadi - some are simple. Some have two or three or five tiers. Some are beautifully decorated.