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Kaundinya – Founder of the Hindu Kingdom of Kambuja, modern Cambodia

It is believed that Kaundinya was the founder of the Hindu Kingdom of Kambuja, modern Cambodia. As per legend, he married Soma, a naga princess, and founded the kingdom in the 1st or 2nd century AD.

Soma, the naga princess, used to rob merchant ships passing through her territorial waters near port of Funan. It is believed that she was a fierce and powerful pirate who commanded a fearful group of people.

Once, Soma attacked the ship of Kaundinya. He overpowered her with a divine spear, which was gifted to him by Ashwattama, son of Dronacharya in the Mahabharat.

As per the treaty entered, Soma was obliged to marry Kaundinya.

The accounts of the foundation of the Hindu kingdom of Kambuja are preserved in the Sanskrit inscriptions discovered from modern Cambodia.

There is also reference to another Kaundinya who in early 5th century AD introduced laws and customs found in Vedas in Cambodia. He left a powerful lineage of kings who ruled until 7th century AD.