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Kalavati Devi Jayanti at Belgaum – Birth Anniversary of Mata Kalavati Devi Aai

Kalavati Devi was a popular saint from the North Karnataka region in India. Mata Kalavati Devi Jayanti is the birth anniversary of the pious soul. It is believed that Mataji’s father had a dream before her birth that Goddess Durga will be born to him. Kalavati Devi Jayanti 2024 date is September 8.

From a very young age, Mata Kalavati Devi Aai showed deep spiritual inclination and love and caring attitude for all living beings.

Shri Siddharudh Swami spotted her and realized the divinity her. Swamiji invited her to do satsang and she used to mesmerize people with her words.
She then conducted satsang in many parts of the country. Finally, she decided to settle at Angol in Belgaum and here she built Shri Harimandir.

She compiled bhajans and teachings of numerous saints in the book titled ‘Parmartha Marg Pradeep.’ Another popular book she compiled was ‘Balopasana’ – prayers for children.

She preached equality of all living beings and taught householders how to attain Moksha by living in society.

Kalavati Devi Jayanti is observed on Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Panchami Tithi as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Maharashtra and Karnataka.