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Importance of Dhanushkodi in Hinduism – Religious Significance of Dhanushkodi in Hindu Religion

Dhanushkodi is located around 18 km from Rameswaram Temple in Tamil Nadu, India. Dhanushkodi of great importance in Hinduism as it is the starting point of the bridge built by Bhagavan Sri Ram and Vanarasena in the Ramayana across the sea to reach Lanka. The religious significance of the place also stems from the fact that holy waters or tirthas of the entire universe is present at Dhanushkodi Tirtham and taking a holy dip here is considered highly meritorious in Hindu religion.

The bridge, built between Dhanushkodi and Lanka by the vanarasena, was 80 miles wide and 800 miles long.

After the battle was won and when Rama returned to Dhanushkodi, Vibhishana asked Rama to break the bridge, as it should not become an easy path for attackers to reach Lanka.

Therefore, upon the request of Vibhishana, Sri Ram cut the bridge into three.

From the spot where he broke up the bridge, Bhagavan called upon all the holy waters and tirthas of the entire universe to enter into the waters in Dhanushkodi . Thus, the place became holy.

Thousands of people arrive daily to take holy dip at Dhanushkodi and to have a look at the broken bridge.

The place is highly meritorious as Bhagavan Sri Ram, Mata Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman and other members of the Vanarasena took holy dip at here. Lord Ram said, “Anyone who comes here will be liberated from material bondage.”