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How to Observe Kavadi Vratam? – Fasting and Rituals Associated With Taking Kavadi to Muruga Temple

Kavadi vratam is the fasting and rituals observed before carrying or taking kavadi to Muruga temples. Here is a brief account regarding the rules and on how to observe Kavadi vratam.

The Muruga devotees who carry the kavadi observe strict austerities for 3, 7, 9, 13 or 15 days before the pilgrimage. The austerities include eating only vegetarian food - abstaining from sex, alcohol, smoking and other intoxicating materials. Taking early morning bath. Offering prayers daily to Muruga. Chanting mantras or prayers associated with Muruga.

The devotee wear kavi, or saffron cloth, while carrying kavadi. Some people wear Kavadi during the entire period. Some devotees only wear it while taking Kavadi.

In some regions, those taking kavadi go to a certain number of houses and take alms – mostly of friends, neighbors and relatives.

The austerities end on the day the devotee returns home after pilgrimage.