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Book – Shiva – Ultimate Outlaw by Sadhguru – Read for free

Shiva – Ultimate Outlaw is a new book credit to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. You can read Shiva – Ultimate Outlaw in ebook format. The book is filled with rich graphics and insights from Sadhguru that reveal many unknown aspects about the being we call Shiva.

A Quote from the book
Breaking the laws of physical nature is spiritual process. In this sense, we are outlaws, and Shiva is the ultimate outlaw. You cannot worship Shiva, but you may join the Gang.

From the book on Trishul – Shiva’s trishul represents the three fundamental aspects of life. In the yogic tradition it is called Rudra, Hara and Sadashiva. These are the three fundamental dimensions of life that are symbolized in many ways

You can read the book here at the Isha foundation website.

Please note that you will need to provide email id, phone number and name to get free acess to the book.