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Bade Hanuman Temple at Sangam in Allahabad

Bade Hanuman Temple at Sangam in Allahabad is unique as the murti of Hanuman worshipped here is in reclining position. Holy River Ganga flows through the east side of the temple. Legend as it that Mata Sita, Bhagvan Sri Ram and Lakshman came here during their exile period and worshipped Ganga here. The divine couple also returned after the exile and performed puja. Whiling Mata Sita performed aarti Hanuman laid down on earth.

It is believed that Mata Sita performed Ganga Puja near the temple. A pillar is erected at the spot and this is located near the main gate of Bade Hanuman Temple.

The Huge Hanuman murti has its feet towards south and head in the north. He wears a silver crown, earring and an anklet on the right leg. The words ‘Sita Ram’ is etched on the forehead. One has to descend a dozen stairs to reach the murti.

The sanctum sanctorum also has murtis of Ram and Lakshman. Mace and Makardhwaj is found on the right side of the murti. Near the left foot one can find Mata Kamad and Ahiravan.

The main offering in the temple is flags tied on green bamboo sticks. Hanuman Jayanti and Ram Navami are the important festivals here.

A big pipal tree is located near the temple and under it there are murtis of Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Kartik, Ganesha, Hanuman, Ganga and Yamuna.