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Aandi Vesham of Muruga in Palani Murugan Temple

Aandi Vesham of Muruga is the form in which Muruga appears before devotees at 6:00 AM in the famous Muruga Temple in Palani. In the Aandi Vesha, Muruga is clad in a simple loincloth as a monk. The word aandi means monk or beggar or mendicant.

Aandi Vesham is the most popular form of Muruga in Palani. Muruga took the form when he left the abode of his father in Mount Kailash. He gave all the riches and comfort of his father’s home. It is believed that he appeared in this form in South India.

In this avatar, Muruga’s big ears are visible. Devotees believe that in this form with his wide-open ears Muruga will heed their prayers.

Aandi Vesham ends at 8:00 AM.