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Yalgur Temple – Hanuman Temple at Yalgur near Bijapur in Karnataka – Yalguresh Hanuman

Yalgur Temple, dedicated to Hanuman, is located at Yalgur near Bijapur in Karnataka. The Hanuman worshipped here is popularly known as Yalguresh Hanuman. The shrine is around three kilometer off Nidgundi on the National Highway 13.

Story of Yalguresh Hanuman

Legend has it that Lord Ram had visited Yalgur located on the banks of Krishna River during his exile period. Yalguresh means lord of seven villages. The seven villages located in the vicinity of Yalgur village do not have a Hanuman temple.

During the period of Muslim invasion, the murti worshipped in the shrine was carried away to another temple to keep it away from getting destroyed. After several years when the murti was being unpacked, the priest broke in inadvertently.

The priest was filled with remorse. During the night he had a dream in which Hanumanji appeared and asked him to bring the broken murti back to Yalgur and place it in the sanctum sanctorum. He was also directed to perform puja outside the sanctum sanctorum without opening the doors.

The priest brought back the pieces and put them in the sanctum sanctorum and performed the puja as directed. But the priest out of curiosity to know what was happening inside the sanctum sanctorum opened the doors and found that the pieces of the deity were bonded together. But as the priest had opened the doors before the seventh day, the lower portions were yet to bond together.

Yalguresh Hanuman Murti

Yalguresh Hanuman murti is around 7 feet tall and is in an ardha shila form. The silver Tiruvachi is adorned with carvings depicting the 10 avatars of Srihari Vishnu. The murti is calm looking and is noted for its large glowing eyes. Another highlight is the huge earrings worn by the murti which nearly touches the shoulders. The right hand is in Abhya Mudra posture. The left hand holds saugandika flower. The left feet of the murti crushes a demon. The tail runs near the feet of the murti.

Architecture of the temple

The temple has a three tier Rajagopuram with numerous murtis of Hanuman the most noteworthy and easily visible is the sculpture of Hanuman in Yoga posture.

When one passes the Rajagopuram one comes across a big hall. Then there is huge arch and a big mandapam. The arch is ornate with designs and elephant sculptures. The arch also has sculptures of two dwarapalakas.

Ram Darbar is depicted on the mandapam. Sculptures of Hanuman on the mandapam is seen holding Shivling and and sanjeevani mountain. The big mandamapam leads to the Sanctum sanctorum.

The walls of the sanctum sanctorum are painted with scenes from Ramayana and that of Sri Madhwacharya.

Pujas and Rituals at Yalguresh Temple

Abhishekam in the temple is performed with water from the Krishna River. The preist goes daily to the river to fetch water for the puja. The most important abhishekam in a day is performed at noon and is known as Maha Pooja.

During the noon puja panhamrutha abhisheka and milk abhisheka are also done. After the abhishekam, the murti is adorned with kumkum, flowers and ornaments. The Lord is then offered naivedyam.

The most important festivals that are observed in the shrine are Ram Navami, Gudi Padwa and Hanumanth Jayanti.

Special pujas and rituals are offered during Kartik month in the temple. Annadanam is performed in the temple during the period.