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Shabda in Hinduism – Sound or Primordial Sound in Hindu Religious Teaching

As per Hindu religious teaching, Shabda Brahman is a way to realize Parama Brahman. Thus Shabda occupies and important place in Hinduism. Sabda Brahman is omnipresent through the sound of the chant ‘OM.’

In Hinduism, Vedas is also described as Sabda. The six systems of Hindu philosophy are based on Vedas as verbal authority or sabda Pramana. In the process of creation, first element is space and this all-surrounding space can be described as Sabda.

In Hindu scriptures, Sabda originating from the vibratory cause is termed Ahata Shabda.

The self sustaining sound, with vibratory cause is termed as anahata sabda – this is experienced only in the higher states of Meditation or Yoga.

Understanding and realizing Shabda is said to be the goal of life itself.

Amritabindu Upanishad States:

"There are two Brahmans to be realized, Shabda Brahman and Parama Brahman - One
who has realized and is well versed in Shabda Brahman will realize Parama Brahman."