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Ringan during Pandharpur Yatra – Horses Running and Gol Ringan Formed During Pandharpur Ashadi Waari

Ringan is a breathtaking ritual and visual delight performed during the annual Pandharpur Yatra. It is also known as Gol Ringan. Horses play an important role during the Ringan performed during Pandharpur Ashadi Waari.

Ringan is performed a couple of times during the 250 km Pandharpur Yatra.

Thousands of pilgrims or warkharis that participate in the Pandharpur Yatra form a cirucular formation. A path is created inside the circular formation and horses run through the path. The horses pay obeisance to the Padukas of the Saints.  

No one knows the exact reason why this visual spectacle is performed. Majority of the people are of the view that it is performed as a recreation to the Warkharis who have been walking for several days.