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Kadu Malleswara Temple Dedicated to Shiva in Bangalore

Located off the Sampige Road in Bangalore, Kadu Malleswara Temple is a Shiva Shrine on a hillock surrounded by trees. It is believed that Sage Gautama did penance here. Kadu means ‘forest’ and the simple temple is believed to have been built in the 17th century for the worship of the locals. The Shivling is without a pedestal and rises just off the ground. A small nandi can be seen in front of the lingam.
The New Indian Express reports
An elderly man who visits the temple often had a few more legends. The story is set in 17th century when a betel leaf merchant rested near a stone on the top of a hillock. He kept another stone next to it and created a fire to boil rice. But the rice turned red with blood spilling out!
On seeing this, the merchant fell unconscious. Lord Shiva then appeared in front of him and explained that he was the stone (lingam) and that it was a holy place. On the lord’s direction, the merchant built a temple in the typical Dravidian style of that era.
The historian in me could not keep quiet and I told the man about a 17th century inscription (that still stands) that states that a grant was given to this temple by Venkoji, the famous Shivaji’s step-brother, when he ruled Bengaluru. As we exchanged notes, what struck us was the period in which the temple received the grants. Whether it was the merchant or the local ruler, the temple’s structure as it stands today dates back to the 17th century, while its legends and myths precede the date. 
A bigger nandi built outside the temple must have been an addition made later. 
Apart from Shiva, Ganesha and Parvati are also worshipped here. The inner sanctum sanctorum leads to a small passage that goes to the devotees’ hall (navaranga). The hall is supported by simple carved stone pillars. Beyond the hall, as we come out is the mandatory nandi.