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Hindu Temples and Sacred Places in Chennur in Adilabad District in Telangana

Chennur is located on the banks of Godavari River in Adilabad District in Telangana. Here Godavari River is known as Uttaravahini as the river bends and flows towards the north.  Uttar means north. The place is famous for Vedic pundits. There are numerous Hindu temples and sacred places located here especially near the Godavari River.

Take a holy dip in Godavari River in Chennur is considered highly meritorious. Thousands of devotees take dip here during auspicious days. The spot attracts a huge crowd during the Godavari Pushkaram, which is held once in twelve years.

The most famous Hindu temple located at Chennur is the Anjaneya Swami Temple – dedicated to Hanuman.