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Hanuman Dandi Temple at Bet Dwarka in Gujarat

Dandi Hanuman Temple is located on the island of Bet Dwarka in Gujarat. Hanuman Dandi Temple is 5km east of Sri Krishna temple on the Island. From main land, one has to take a ferry to reach Bet Dwarka in Gujarat. The popular belief is that the temple stands on the spot where Hanuman met his son Makaradwaj. It is the only temple in the world with murtis of Hanuman and his son.

Dandi Hanuman means Hanuman who is in a joyous mood.

In the huge open ground below a pepal tree one can shrines dedicated to Hanuman and his son Makaradwaj. The temple is east facing.

Tthryodhashari mantra is written all around the shrine.

As we enter the shrine, Hanuman is on the right side and Makaradwaj is on the left side.

The murti of Makaradwaj is slightly taller than that of Hanuman. His right hand is in Abhaya posture and the left hand is resting on his chest. The left leg rests on a demon. Tail rests on the ground.

The murti of Hanuman is depicted only above his thigh. He is in a relaxed mood and does not hold any weapon. It is believed that each year Hanuman is going underground. Kali Yuga will come to an end when the murti of Hanuman completely goes underground.

Apart from Hanuman, there are murtis of Lord Ganesha and Kala Bhairav in the temple.

Every year during Dasara Sri Krishna of Bet Dwarka adorned in the form of Bhagvan Sri Ram visits Dandi Hanuman in a Palkhi.

Those suffering from chronic disease are given a supari from the temple. They have to chant Throdhashari mantra with supari in hand. Once the disease is cured the supari is to be returned to the temple.