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Goddess Ugra Tara – About Goddess Ugratara - Story

Goddess Ugra Tara is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is one of the name of Goddess Tara, the second of the Dasa Mahavidyas. Mother Goddess is Ugra Tara because she helps a devotee from any type of difficulty. She is the all protective Mother.

Goddess Ugra Tara is offered prayers for overcoming all sorts of difficulties.  

She is depicted with four hands. She holds bowl, lotus, sword (khadga) and scissors.

People facing constant troubles from enemies get relief after offering prayers to this form of Goddess Shakti.

She also protects all those devotees who follow the path of Dharma. She also mercilessly annihilates those that practice Adharma.

Story Of Goddess Ugratara

Once, Yama, the Hindu God of death and ruler of hell, complained to Brahma that people from Kamarupa were not entering hell due to the sacredness of the region, despite committing sins. Brahma took this concern to Vishnu, and together, they presented it to Shiva. Bhagavan Shiva then commanded Goddess Ugra Tara to expel the inhabitants of Kamakhya. Ugra Tara, accompanied by her army, carried out this directive.

During this expulsion, her forces encountered Rishi Vasishtha, who was meditating on Shiva at a mountain here. In response to the interference, Vasishtha, in a fit of anger, cursed both Ugra Tara and Shiva. Consequently, Vedic (Shiva) sadhanas were abandoned in Kamarupa, and Ugra Tara transformed into a deity associated with Vamachara sadhana. Her entire army underwent a transformation into Mlecchas.