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Goddess Maya – About Hindu Goddess Maya

As per Vedanta and Samkhya system of philosophy, Goddess Maya is Prakriti and is a source of the universe. Nobody can transcend the power of Goddess Maya. She is also known as Vaishnavi Mahamaya or Yogamaya.

Maya is the inscrutable power of the supreme truth. It is Goddess Maya who makes us think unreal as real. She creates a web of deception and illusion.

As per some scholars, Maya was one of the prominent goddesses of Asuras or Demons. She was the personification of occult or mysterious power. She was worshipped for getting powers like changing forms, being invisible, for appearing and disappearing in various places at a single time etc. She was offered liquor and flesh by her devotees.

Later Goddess Maya was assimilated into the Vaishnava and Shaiva cult. Only power of illusion was retained in the later teachings about Her. Thus she is responsible for people getting entangled in worldly pleasures or becoming slaves of the senses.

Goddess Maya can only be overcome by taking refuge in Vishnu or Shiva.

It must be noted here that in some scriptures she is also equated with Goddess Durga and her numerous forms.