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Godavari Pushkaralu Importance – Spiritual and Religious Significance of Godavari Pushkaram and why it is performed?

Godavari Pushkaralu happens once in 12 years and is of great significance to Hindus around the world. It is believed that performing holy dip in Godavari River during the Pushkaram period will help in redemption of sins. It is also an highly auspicious period to perform rituals to departed souls. The spiritual and religious significance is due to the belief that during this period all Hindu Gods and saints take holy dip in Godavari and this makes the river sacred.

The Pushkaram festival is performed in 12 important rivers when Jupiter enters a particular zodiac sign. Thus there are twelve pushkarams. The most important is the Godavari Pushkaram. The pushkaram lasts as long as the Jupiter remains in that particular Zodiac sign.

Godavari Pushkaram happens when Jupiter enters Leo.

Godavari Pushkaralu is conducted for 24 days.
The first 12 days of Godavari Pushkaram is called Aadhi Pushkaram.

The last 12 days of is known as Anthya pushkaram.

Godavari Pushkaralu 2015