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Charpatinath – Story of Charpatinath of the Natha Sect

Charpatinath is one of the nine master yogis of the Natha sect. He is believed to be a manifestation of Bhagvan Vishnu (as per some accounts an incarnation of Shiva).

Legend has it that a bay was found in a lonely place by a scholar named Satyasrava. Satyasrava was not able to decide on what to do with the baby. Then sage Narada appeared there in the form of a knowledgeable man and narrated about the divine origin of the baby. The sage also asked Satyasrava to bring up the little boy as his own child. The sage named him Charpata.

When the boy was 12 years old, Sage Narada approached Dattatreya to initiate the boy into the world of knowledge. The sage put the condition that he will only teach the boy if he cut off all relationships with the world.

Sage Narada knew that Satyasrava loved the boy very much. So instead of asking directly, the sage took the disguise of a student and lived in the house of Charpata. The sage then brought about a quarrel between the father and the son.

Charpata left the house in anger. Sage Narada met him later and took him to Dattatreya.

The boy was initiated and imparted the secret teaching of the Natha sect.

It is said that Charpata defeated all the celestial beings including Indra. He defeated them all with a secret weapon known as Vatakarshana – snatching the breath. This knowledge is not even known to the Devas. Finally, Devas were released when Lord Brahma intervened.

The book titled Charpati Sabdi is attributed to him.

As per Natha tradition, Charpatinatha is still alive and secretly moves around.