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Simple Ekadashi Fasting Rules – Simple Fasting Procedure for Ekadasi Dedicated to Lord Vishnu

Ekadashi Fasting is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is observed on the 11th day of a fortnight. The fasting procedure is complicated for new entrants. Here are simple Ekadashi fasting rules.

  • Rice should not be taken while observing Ekadasi fasting
  • Only one meal at daytime on Dasami day (the day before Ekadasi)
  • Total fast on Ekadasi day. (Water with Tulsi leaves can be taken). In a jug collect water previous night and put some Tulsi leaves. Drink this water on Ekadasi day.
  • Fasting should be broken during Dwadasi with fruit or boiled vegetables or food without rice.
  • Only one meal at daytime on Dwadasi (the day after Ekadasi)
  • No supper on three consecutive days.
  • Must not sleep during daytime.
  • If possible visit Vishnu temple or shrines dedicated to His avatar.
  • If you are old or pregnant or having any medical condition you should not do strict fasting.