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Saturn in 4th house – What are the results of Saturn in 4th House?

Saturn in 4th house is generally considered bad. But it can also cure lot of diseases like paralysis. Here are the results of Saturn in 4th house.

As per Lal Kitab, Saturn in 4th house is like water snake. This term is open to various interpretations. Water snakes are mostly non poisonous but there are also some water snakes which are highly venomous.

You will get opportunity to prove your real worth.
Honesty and hard work might go unnoticed but not forever.
Bad luck
Loss in lottery, stocks and gambling.
Bad relationships with women.
Delay in marriage
Some might come under the influence of wine and other intoxicating substances.

Note - Depending on the placement of other navgrahas, a person might not suffer all problems. In fact some navgrahas will bring good luck.