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Saguna Brahman – About Saguna Bhakti School of Thought

Saguna is one of the schools of thought in Hinduism. The Saguna Bhakti School of thought believed in a personal god with form – Saguna Brahman. Tulsidas is one of the important proponents of the Saguna School of Bhakti and conceived Bhagvan Sri Ram as a God with form. The divine qualities and achievements of the Bhagvan Ram was given importance in this school of thought.

Saguna School of Bhakti was split into two groups.

The first group gave importance to Ram Bhakti.

The second group believed in Krishna Bhakti.

This school of thought gave importance to songs and love. God was seen as a personal entity with whom they shared all emotions. Some considered god as their lover, some their friend and some their child.

Brahman is the concept of God in Hinduism. Brahman cannot be described or imagined. Only that exists. Devotees are given the freedom to conceive god in which ever way they want.