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Ravalnath – About Hindu God Ravalnath

Ravalnath is widely worshipped in Konkan region in India. He is believed to be a manifestation of Hindu God Shiva – more precisely a form of Kalbhairav. Some scholars suggest that Ravalnath has its origin in Ravi – sun god. Temples dedicated to Ravalnath are found in Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra.

It is also believed that Ravalnath is one of the Ganas of Shiva. He has a fierce form and gets easily offended. He travels at night. Some temples dedicated to Ravalnath are open throughout the night.

The murti of Ravalnath in a temple faces south. He has four hands and holds – Trishul, Damaru, Khadga and vessel (pana patra). Sometimes he holds Akshamala or Khetaka. His vehicle or Vahana is Horse.

Many devotees also believe that Ravalnath and Jyotiba worshipped in Kolhapur region are the same.

The deity is the family god of many families in Maharashtra and Goa.