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Rahu Remedies in Astrology – Rahu Remedy in Lal Kitab

The most important Rahu Remedy is to offer prayers to Goddess Saraswati. The most important Rahu Remedies mentioned in Lal Kitab, an authority text on Astrology, is to donate radish or keep barley under the pillow at night and throw it into river in the morning or else donate it or throw coal into the river. It should be done for 43 days.

Items that can be donated for quick relief includes mustard seeds, blue sapphire or neelam and hessonite or gomed.

Anyone of the above said items should be donated for 43 days without break to a poor person, or to a temple or sacred place or thrown into a river.

Wearing blue clothes and offering prayers to Rahu and Goddess Saraswati is highly meritorious. Worship of virgins is another option suggested in many astrological texts.