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How to do aarti of a person? - Procedure to Perform a Simple Aarti of a Person

An aarti of a person is performed during important functions or auspicious occasions. Here is a brief idea on how to perform a simple aarti of a person. Please note that the procedure might vary slightly in some regions. This is to give a general idea.

Items needed
Silver or copper plate
A small lighted lamp
Chandan or kumkum
A sweet.

How to do aarti of a person?

The thali or plate with lighted lamp should be waved one time in front of the face of person.
A tika should be applied using chandan or kumkum
Chandan or kumkum should be applied on the forehead.
The sweet should be offered to the person.

In the some instances the person applies the chandan and takes a sweet from the thali.