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Gagangiri Maharaj Teachings

A collection of teachings of Gagangiri Maharaj.

The common man is perpetually dependent. He is ignorant and unsure of his capabilities. He has not developed the ability to use his creative intelligence. He lives on borrowed knowledge. How long can you pull-on with a borrowed existence? On the other hand, a Yogi is autonomous. He is self contained and complete.

When we become critic, then only we can evaluate ourselves and notice our faults which can be rectified by us in future. To conclude, when we are alone to ourselves, we should go through the diary of balance of income and expenditure of day today life.

We know what is good and also know what is bad. By experience we learn that if we intend to do something we can do it. And therefore we must always determine to do good only.

The qualities which will make our life perfect and fully developed are:
Happiness and