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Curse of Goddess Lakshmi and Hayagriva – Horse Head Incarnation of Vishnu

Hayagriva is the horse head of incarnation of Bhagvan Vishnu. There is a popular belief in Hinduism that nothing in the universe happens without a reason. Hayagriva incarnation was a necessary to keep the Dharma in the universe intact. But for Vishnu to have the head of a horse there should be a reason and it was provided by a curse of Goddess Lakshmi.

The story of the curse of Goddess Lakshmi is found in the Devi Bhagavatam.

Legend has it that once Bhagvan Vishnu looked at the face of Goddess Lakshmi and laughed. Goddess was taken aback by this unruly behavior. She was distraught and she thought her Lord had seen something ugly on her perfect face.

Goddess Lakshmi, who was unable to find the real reason, thought that her Lord had another woman in his life or he would not laugh at her like that.

Goddess Lakshmi was soon possessed by wrath and in anger she cursed his head to fall off. She believed the life of a widow to be better than her husband taking another woman was his wife.

This curse was put to use to annihilate the horse-headed demon who had got the boon that only a horse-headed being will kill him.

The head of Vishnu was chopped by his bowstring, when Devas tried to awaken him from his deep sleep.

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