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Teachings from Rama Gita

Lack of true knowledge particularly spiritual knowledge is the cause of the desire motivated deeds including desire motivated religious performances.

The karmas (desire motivated deeds) have to be worked out here or hereafter. One is destined to reap the reward of the good and the bad deeds. The karmas, in turn, cause the future births where one again engages in the Karmas, and thereby, gets further births. Thus goes on the cycle of repeated births and deaths with the Agyana (lack of true knowledge) as the original cause. The removal of Agyana brings Salvation.

Only Gyana (true knowledge), and not the Karmas, can wipe out the Agyana.

Desire motivated deeds can never dispel attachment or the orthodox beliefs or ignorance. They only make rebirth a sure consequence. The wise should therefore endeavor for the realization of the Gyana.

(What is true knowledge as per Hinduism? – It is the realization that all animate and inanimate is the Supreme Truth. There is no second.)

Rama Gita is part of the Adhyatma Ramayana – The teachings are given to Lakshman by Bhagvan Sri Ram.