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Story of Dirgha Jihvi and Indra

The story of Dirgha Jihvi and Indra is found in Jaiminiya Brahmana. Dirgha Jihvi like Goddess Kali has a long tongue. Dirgha Jihvi means the long-tongued one. She used to lick up Soma, the divine drink, of the celestial beings or Devas. Thus Devas began to become weak.

Indra, the king of Devas, was exasperated by the actions of Dirgha Jihvi. He tried numerous means to defeat her. But he could not overpower her.

Indra then deputed Sumitra, a handsome young man, to seduce and overpower her.

But Dirgha Jihvi rejects him saying that he just has one sexual organ while she has many.

Sumitra then went back to Indra and narrated his failure. Indra then blesses the man with several sexual organs.

On seeing a transformed Sumitra, Dirga Jihvi welcomed him. While Dirga Jihvi was engaged in love making with Sumitra, Indra struck her down with his thunderbolt.