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Sheetala Mata Puja Vidhi – How to do or perform Goddess Sitala Mata Puja on Sheetala Ashtami?

Sheetala Mata Puja is performed on Krishna Paksha Ashtami day, the eight day during the waning phase of moon in Hindu lunar calendar. The most famous puja is performed on Chaitra Sheetala Ashtami. Here is a description of Sheetala Mata Puja Vidhi. Please note that you can perform the puja by using minimum items. When you do the Sitala Mata puja you can also skip some steps.

Sheetala Mata Puja Vidhi 

Items need for Sheetala Mata Puja

  • A picture or murti (idol) of Goddess Sheetala Mata or a good stone (representing Goddess Sitala) and another small stone (representing Jvareshvara)
  • Red cloth
  • Usual items for aarti
  • Flowers
  • Kum kum
  • Water
  • Yoghurt
  • Wheat
  • Red thread
  • Henna
  • Food prepared on the previous day.

How to do or perform Sitala Mata Puja?

  • The picture or murti (idol) of Goddess Sheetala Mata or a good stone and another stone is placed under a tree or in the puja room.
  • The picture or stone or idol is then installed on a red cloth
  • Kum kum is applied on the murti or stone
  • Flowers are then offered.
  • Wheat is offered
  • Yoghurt offered
  • Henna is offered
  • Moli or red thread is offered to the goddess.
  • Then the murti is worshipped by offering an aarti.
  • Mantras dedicated to the goddess are chanted.
  • The food prepared on the previous day is then offered to the Goddess and it is then consumed by people as Prasad from Goddess Sitala.