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Rakshasas in Hinduism – The concept of Rakshas in Hindu Religion

Rakshasas in Hinduism are fierce beings with magical powers that harass all living beings. There are three types of Rakshas – one which attacks saints, human beings, animals and other living beings. The second type of Rakshasas are constantly in war with the Devas. There are also Rakshasas who attack both living beings and Devas (celestial beings).

As per Ramayana and Vishnu Purana, Rakshasas were created by Brahma to protect the waters.

Some Puranas also suggest that they are the descendants of Sage Kashyapa and Khasa, one of the daughters of Daksha Prajapati through their son Rakshas.

Rakshasas can take any form. They can enter a dead body and give it life. They take all forms to cheat and attack other living beings. They also eat human beings.

As per Atharva Veda, Rakshasas generally have the form of human beings. Some have numerous heads and limbs. The skin color is green, blue or yellow. Some have deformities like backward feet or backward looking head.

In the Ramayana, Rakshasas are constantly mentioned as attacking the pujas and yajngas of saints. They are vanquished by Sri Ram and Lakshman.

Not all Rakshasas are of evil nature, there are several instances in scriptures when humans have taken the help of Rakshasas. Like Gahatokacha in the Mahabharata.