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Phalaharini Kali – Meaning and Symbolism of Goddess Kali Worshipped as Phalaharini

Phalaharini Kali is one among the numerous names of Divine Mother Goddess Shakti. There is deep symbolism and meaning attached to Phalaharini form of Goddess Kali. In this form Mother Kali helps a devotee to overcome the cycle of birth and death.

Phalaharini literally means ‘Goddess who takes away the fruits’.

It is believed that the fruit of karma performed on earth results in the cycle of birth and death. Each individual is forced to take numerous births and undergo suffering before attaining liberation. In each birth an individual performs various actions and fruits of the action get accumulated.

By offering prayers to Phalaharini Kali one can attain liberation early. Mother Goddess takes away all the fruits of our deeds. Thus we are put on the road of self realization. Ego is killed and we realize that there exists only one Supreme Truth.

The most important puja and rituals dedicated to Phalaharini Kali is observed during the Amavasya day in April – May.