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Mangal Grah Temple at Amalner near Jalgaon in Maharashtra – Mangal Grah Mandir at Amalner

Excusive temples dedicated to Mangal Grah are very rare and one temple is located at Amalner near Jalgaon in Maharashtra. Mangal Grah Temple is around 65 km from Jalgaon and around 40 km from Dhule. The shrine provides relief to mangaliks and also people having trouble related to Mangal in their horoscope.

Amalner Mangal Grah Mandir is frequented by hundreds of devotees. The shrine has a beautiful garden with statues of Bhagvan Sri Krishna and Shiva.

Priests at the Amalner Mangal Grah Temple perform all the pujas that are required to satisfy Mangal Grah. The main offering in the shrine is red lentils. Coconut is given back as Prasad from the temple.

The shrine is a small one but beautifully maintained. Priests in the temple chant all shlokas dedicated to Mangal Grah and also perform all required pujas to overcome Mangal related issues.