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Mahamaham 2028 date – When is Next Maasi Mahamaham in Tamil Nadu?

Mahamaham happens once in twelve years and is an important festival in various temples in Tamil Nadu. Next Maasi Mahamaham in 2028. Makam, Mahm or Makam, is one among the twenty seven stars (Nakshatras) in the Hindu astrological system. A major ritual on the day taking holy dop and the bathing of Temple Murits (idols) in sea, pond or lake. Mahamaham 2028 date is March 10, Friday. The day is of greatest significance at Adikumbeshwara Swami Temple,Kumbakonam.

Masi Maham, or Maasi Magam, is an auspicious day in the Tamil month of Masi (February – March). Murtis (Idols) of gods and goddess that are worshipped in Temples are carried in a procession to sea shores, rivers or ponds. Pujas and rituals are held here and thousands of people gather to witness the auspicious event.

It is believed that those who take bath in the seas or rivers or ponds on the Mahamaham will attain Moksha.

The most auspicious period on the day is when the Sun is in Aquarius and Jupiter transits through Leo and the Moon is in conjunction with the constellation of Maham.

Once in twelve years, Masi Magam attains special significance and then it is known as Maha Maham.

The Mahamaham tank has 21 wells, which are named after Saints, within it, and one the Mahamaham day they fill up with the sacred waters of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers.

The ten-foot deep tank, southeast of Adikumbheshwar Temple, is said to have flowed out of Brahma's Kumbha after it was broken by Shiva's arrow.