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About Sun Temple at Modhera in Gujarat in India Situated on the Tropic of Cancer

Sun Temple at Modhera in Gujarat in India is older than the sun temple at Konark in Orissa. What is even more interesting is that the temple dedicated to Hindu God Surya is located on the Tropic of Cancer.
The Hindu reports 
The Surya Kund is the first of three distinct components of the temple complex. To the west lies the Sabha Mandap or primary hall and beyond is the main temple — all laid out as on an east-west grid. The temple complex, which is built on the Tropic of Cancer, is designed such that the first rays of the sun fall on the main idol at the time of the equinoxes. 

The Surya Kund itself is graced by a variety of small shrines — placed between the numerous pyramidical steps. Literature alludes to 108 such shrines, though only a few remain intact. The distinctive gopuras on the southern and northern edges of the rectangular tank, give us a sense of the grandeur of the tank in its heyday. Intricate stone carvings of Hindu deities such as Vishnu and Shiva are enshrined between the steps at the corners of the Surya Kund.