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Thakurani Yatra – Berhampur in 2023 – Maa Budhi Thakurani Yatra 2023 dates at Berhampur in Odisha

Thakurani Yatra at Berhampur is held once in two years in Chaitra Month. It is the visit of the Mother Goddess worshipped in the Maa Budhi Thakurani Temple to Berhampur town in Odisha. The visit lasts nearly a month. Next Thakurani Yatra 2023 dates at Berhampur is from March . The festival ends on April 2023.

Maa Budhi Thakurani Yatra begins with a grand procession from Berhampur to Maa Budhi Thakurani Temple.

Head of Devangiris (weaving community), and his wife perform rituals at the temple and return with a garland of Itala (Ita malli) in a basket. The garland is kept in a thatched house erected in front of house of the head of Devangiris.

Ghata parikrama is the most important ritual of the festival, which begins on the third day. The garland is put inside a decorated earthen pot, called Ghata. Eight more pots, which represent the parsadevata, are lined up inside the hut.

Goddess is considered as their daughter by the citizens of Berhampur and her visit is noted for chanting of shlokas, prayers, sounding of conch, beating of bells, dancing and fire crackers.

Nowadays, the festival is famous for people adorning numerous costumes of characters from Hindu scriptures and other characters from day-to-day life.