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Modonchaturdashi at Dirgheswari Temple in Assam

Modonchaturdashi is observed annually in April month at Dirgeshwari Temple in Sitachal hills in Assam. The temple is located in North Guwahati. Modonchaturdashi ritual is the divine marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Dirgeshwari.

The murti of Goddess Dirgeshwari is lavishly adorned and is taken around the town in a chariot. The murti is then taken to the to the sacred Aswaklanta Dewalaya, situated on the west of Monikarneswar Temple. Here the murti is bathed with holy water from the sacred ‘Bishnupad.’

The murti is then taken to Monikarneswar Temple at Rajaduar where Lord Shiva is believed to be present as divine bridegroom during the sacred ceremony.

Accompanied by Vedic chants, the holy marriage is performed between Lord Shiva and Goddess Dirgheswari. After celebrating the celestial marriage in the midst of Vedic hymns and age-old traditions. the divine bride is taken back in the wee hours of the night by the devotees to the abode of the goddess at Sitachal hills.