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Ornaments on the Murti or Idol of Balaji – Gold Ornaments Worn by Lord Venkateswara

The murti (idol) of Balaji worshipped in the Tirumala Venkateswara temple is covered with gold plate. All the details in the stone murti can be found on the gold plate. Diamonds and other precious stones are used to adorn the crown, conch, discuss and two hands, which are covered in gold.

Venkateswara is decorated with the largest emerald in the world – which is around 3 inch in diameter.

The chest of the murti is adorned with two gold plaques – the right side gold plaque has Goddess Lakshmi carved on it. The left side plaque has Goddess Padmavati carved on it.

The golden crown is studded with gems.

The golden earrings are in the shape of crocodile and are known as Makara Kundala.

One of the golden necklaces worn by Balaji consists of Saligrama and the thousand names of Vishnu are engraved on it.

Another golden necklace is made of Tulsi beads.

One necklace consists of beads with the image of Goddess Lakshmi carved on it.

One necklace has tiger claws covered with gold.

Golden armlets are in the shape of hooded cobras.

Sword too is covered with gold. The belt on which the sword hangs is decorated with 10 Avatars.