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Indian Laburnum Tree and Shiva

Indian Laburnum, known as Kirala or Amaltas in Hindi and Konnai in Tamil, is a tree associated with Shiva. Legend has it that Shiva used to wear garlands made of laburnum flower when going into war or other heroic situations. Nayanmars, the Shaivaite Saints, of Tamil Nadu believed the tree to be a manifestation of Lord Shiva.

From the poems of the saints, it is learned that the flowers were used to adorn the hair of Shiva.

The flowers of Laburnum Tree are widely used in the puja of Shiva in Tamil Nadu. It is believed that Konnai or Konrai is the favorite flower of Mahadev.

The tree is found on the foothills of Tiruvannamalai and therefore is praised as the tree that blossoms at the feet of Shiva.

The use of the flower is famous in Kerala during Vishu - the flower is an essential part of Vishukani.

SourceSacred plants of India by Nanditha Krishna and M. Amirthalingam

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