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Hiranyapura – The City Of Demons In Hindu Scriptures

Hiranyapura is the city of demons (Asuras) in Hinduism. The city is mentioned in the Mahabharata and the Puranas. Arjuna had gone to Hiranyapura and defeated the Asuras to help Indra, the king of celestial beings. Hiranyapura means the city in the womb of the ocean.

The city is home to the Poulamas and Kalakeyas. The description of the city is found in the Yaksha Yuddha Parva.

Legend has it the Puloma and Kalka – two female demons – once performed intense austerities for several years. Pleased with their devotion and determination, Brahma gave them a boon. As the boon they asked that their son should not suffer and should be incapable of being killed by gods, rakshasas and serpent. To fulfill their desire, Brahma gave them the city of Hiranyapura – which could roam in the sky.

The trees in the city were covered with jewels. The trees were home to beautiful celestial birds.

The demons that lived in the city were always happy.

But Poulamas and Kalakeyas never respected Indra and the other Devas. In the battles, they always took the side of the demons.

Arjuna decided to bring the city under the control of Devas. In this adventure, he was helped by Matali the charioteer of Indra.

Poulamas and Kalakeyas thwarted the attack of Arjuna by the moving the city swiftly across the sky. Sometimes it entered into the ground. Sometimes into the ocean.

But finally the city was brought down by Arjuna with a net of arrows.

There is a belief that Hiranyapura was a city in the present day Jammu and Kashmir.