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Guga Peer - Story of Guga Peer – Goga Peer Ji Ki Katha

Guga Peer is a very popular deity worshipped in many temples in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The deity is mainly worshipped for protection from snakes. You can read the story or Katha of Goga Peer Ji below.

Guga Peer Ji Ki Katha

Legend has it that Guga Peer, a Rajput prince and hero, had supernatural powers to control snakes – he was also immune to snake bite. He got the powers even before his birth from Baba Gorakhnath. There are different versions of the story of Guga peer. All stories include his divine birth, his art of healing people bitten by snakes and controlling venomous snakes, his marriage, dispute with cousins, wars and his final disappearance from earth. He is believed to have defeated numerous powerful kings. 

Guga is depicted riding a blue horse and holds blue and yellow flags. One belief is that the blue horse was born on the day Guga Peer was born and the horse was his constant companion.

It is widely believed that Guga Peer cured not only cured people bitten by snakes but also those who were blind, deaf and mute.

Those people who were jealous of Guga Peer tried to kill him through numerous ways. But He was able to thwart all the attempts. It is said that his enemies once sought the help of Snake Vasuki to kill him. Guga then decided to destroy all the snakes. Vasuki realized his mistake and promised that no snakes will ever trouble Guga Peer.

There is a popular belief that children will be protected by Guga. So married women pray and perform pujas for the long life and health of their children. Childless married women pray for begetting children.