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Bhairavnath Bagad Yatra at Bavdhan in Wai near Satara - Bhairavnath Temple Festival and Fair at Bavdhan

Bhairavnath Bagad Yatra is annually observed in the Rang Panchami in Phalgun month. It is the most important and famous annual festival at Bhairavnath Temple at Bavdhan near Wai in Maharashtra. Bhairavnath Bagad Yatra 2024 date is March 30.

The festival is noted for devotee hanging from a hook from a high post. The person who agrees to dangle from the hook performs a fast for 5 days. He stays in a temple and on the Bagad day eats only Neem leaves and does not drink a single drop of water. The Bagad ritual has a history for more than 800 years.

This annual agrarian festival attracts hundreds of devotees.

Bhairavnath Bagad Yatra is annually observed on Phalgun Krishna Paksha Panchami or the fifth day during the waning phase of moon in Phalgun month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra