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Abhasvaras – Hindu Gods Mentioned in Puranas – Abhasuras

Abhasvaras, or Abhasuras, are celestial beings mentioned in the Puranas and the Anusasana Parva of the Mahabharata. They are considered as a group of gods – there are a total 64 Abhasvaras of which 12 are considered important. They are the gods that supervise enlightenment.

It is also stated in the Hindu scriptures that Abhasvaras are personifications of mental qualities.

Literally, Abhasvaras mean the shining ones.

The 12 main Abhasuras are:

Jnana – knowledge
Tapas – penance
Atma – soul
Danta – patience
Shanti – peace
Sama – tranquility
Kama – desire
Krodha – anger
Mada – intoxication
Jnta – knower
Dama – restraint
Moha – delusion

SourceThe Mahabharata book 13 Anusasana Parva by Kisari Mohan Ganguli
SourceHinduism – An Alphabetical Guide Roshen Dalal