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Smashan Kali – Goddess Kali of the Crematorium

Smashan Kali is the fiercest form of Goddess Kali. Smashan means Crematorium or burial ground. She is wild and she is uncontrollable. She is never part of the society and cannot be controlled. The image of Smashan Kali is quite similar to other Kali images but on close scrutiny there is a huge difference.

Smashan Kali steps on Shiva with her left foot. She holds the sickle in right hand – in raised form.

Bhadra Kali steps on Shiva with her right foot. She holds the sickle in the left hand – in raised form.

It is Smashan Kali that brings an end to the creation and prepares the universe for the next cycle of creation. 

Smashana Kali is the embodiment of the power of destruction.

With her left foot atop Shiva, she performs the dance of destruction.

When Adharma goes beyond control, mother earth invokes Mahakali and she appears in the wild and uncontrollable form. She is beyond control....

The activities of human beings are slowly unleashing Smashan Kali....She will turn earth into a cremation ground for all those that practice Adharma....