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Mahadevi – About Goddess Mahadevi

Goddess Mahadevi in Hinduism is the supreme deity. She is a combination of all the goddesses. She represents the Supreme Truth which alone exists. The concept of Mahadevi was very prominent during the sixth century. She was the universal Goddess also known as Devi and Bhagavati.

Goddess Mahadevi is also the term used to describe Goddess Durga, Parvati and Lakshmi. When the term Goddess Mahadevi is used she is the Superior One and all other goddesses are her manifestations.

As per Devi Bhagavadam, She is the Supreme Being who commands over all living and nonliving including the Trimurtis.

She is the divine power; she is Shakti, Prakriti and Maya. Everything that appears is her manifestation. She is Nirguna. She is mother – kind and benign. She is also ferocious – when her children are harmed.

Lalita Sahasranama gives various descriptions of Mahadevi and these include supreme ruler, root of the world, one who transcends universe and one without equal.

But it must be noted that generally when the term Mahadevi is used it represents Goddess Durga – Mother Goddess Shakti, the primordial being.