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Limited Edition Diamond-Studded Murti of Panchmukhi Hanuman (idol)

The limited edition murti (idol) of Panchmukhi Hanuman has been made by BR Designs in association with Italian designer D'mart Exclusif and is valued at Rs 250,000. 
Diamond World reports 
The original piece is known to be worth Rs 1 crore and is made of gold, diamonds, ruby and emeralds. It took six months for the designers to create the 29 centimetre high and 29 centimetre wide idol with faces of Lord Hanuman, Lord Narasimha, Lord Adivaraha, Lord Hayagriva and Lord Garuda. 
Further the report adds that the 10 arms of Lord Hanuman hold different weapons and has a base made of solid silver. The body of Lord Hanuman is bejeweled with gilded gold jewellery and semi-precious stones. The five 'mukuts' are made of gilded gold and the radiant chakra at the back and the base with pure silver. Exquisite carving and moulding have been done on the idol, including on the garments. The idol has also been adorned with tiny swarovski crystals and semi-precious jewellery.