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Chaitanya Goswamis – Who are the Chaitanya Goswamis?

Who are the Chaitanya Goswamis?

Chaitanya Goswamis are the disciples and followers of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The term is mainly used to refer to six disciples who lived in Vrindavan and spread Krishna Bhakti. The six goswamis are Rupa Goswami, Sanatana Goswami, Jiva Goswami, Raghunatha Dasa, Raghunatha Bhatta and Gopala Bhatta.

Important Teachings of Chaitanya Goswamis

They gave importance to combined worship of Radha and Krishna.  

They created a devotional system which was a new form of Krishna bhakti. Devotion to Krishna was shown in four different ways – as a devoted servant (dasa), parent (vatsalya), friend (Sakha) or lover (premi or madhurya).

Numerous literary works of Goswamis explore the four ways of Bhakti to Sri Krishna and also the philosophy of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu sect.

The main philosophical basis of the sect was laid down by Jiva Goswami.

The six Goswamis had numerous followers who spread the teachings throughout India.

Vrindavan Temples Built by Goswamis

Numerous Radha Krishna temples located in Vrindavan were founded by the Chaitanya Goswamis.

Mughal Emperor Akbar supported the Goswamis and helped them in building temples in Vrindavan.

The temples built by the Goswamis were destroyed by Aurangazeb. The murtis worshipped in the temple were shifted to Rajasthan by the followers of Goswamis.

Radha Govinda Temple at Vrindavan – Radha Govind Dev Temple near Mathura