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Vyatipata Yoga Meaning – Vyatipata Yog in Hindu Astrology

Vyatipata Yoga, also known as Vyatipat Yog, is an inauspicious period in a Tithi or day as per Hindu astrology. The meaning of the term Vyatipata is ‘a period of calamity.’ It is bad for new beginnings, ceremonies, travel etc. Rudra is the Lord of the Yoga. It is calculated by the degrees of moon and sun starting from Ashwini Nakshatra.

Vyatipata Yoga is there for nearly 24 hours once in a lunar month as per traditional Hindu calendar and Panchang.

The popular belief is that new beginnings and ceremonies performed during the Vyatipata period will run into troubles.

Those people who were born during the Vyatipata Yoga period might face difficulties in life as per Hindu astrology.

Offering prayers to Shiva and chanting 'On Namah Shivaya' is considered a remedy for problem associated with the Yoga.

You can also do food donation and cloth donation to poor children as remedy.