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Story of Pandavas and Seven Aravalli Sisters – Legend in Tamil Nadu

Seven Aravalli sisters lived during the Mahabharata period in present day Tamil Nadu and ruled the region known as Aravalli Pattinam. They were famous for witchcraft and they used sorcery and witchcraft to terrorize people. The story of Pandavas and seven Aravalli Sisters is a local legend narrated to explain the glory of Goddess Vana Bhadrakali Amman.

Aravalli, Sooravalli, Veeravalli and 4 other sisters ruled the region by terrorizing the inhabitants. They remained unconquered and their arrogance and atrocities reached the ears of Bhagwan Sri Krishna. He requested the Pandavas to defeat the sisters.

Bhima, the second of the Pandavas, agreed to take up the mission and moved towards the kingdom of Aravalli sisters. But Sage Narada tipped the sisters about the arrival of Bhima. 

Meanwhile, Bhima was passing through a thick forest. The sisters used their witchcraft and created numerous carnivorous animals like tiger, lion, bear and crocodile. All the animals were killed by Bhima using his mace.

But in the direct fight between the sisters, Bhima was defeated. The sisters used sorcery and bound him and imprisoned him.

But Bhima escaped from the prison and returned to the Pandavas.

They realized that the sisters could be defeated only by a young unmarried man. The Pandavas then deputed Allimuthu, son of Sanghavi, a sister of Pandavas as per Tamil local legend.

Allimuthu was an ardent devotee of Vanabhadrakali Amman – Goddess Kali. She blessed him and gave him a sword and holy water. Goddess asked him to drink only this water till he returned back.

In the war, Allimuthu defeated the seven sisters. Before they were overpowered completely, the sisters changed tactic and decided to surrender. They agreed to stop all the misdeeds and promised to give Palvarisai, daughter of one of the sisters, in marriage to Allimuthu.

Allimuthu agreed to the peace proposal but he said the marriage will only take place with the blessing of Pandavas. So he returned along with Palavarisai.

While returning he felt thirsty and soon realized that the holy water given by Goddess Vana Bhadrakali Amman was missing. It was actually stolen by the seven sisters. He was so thirsty that he asked Palavarisai to get some water. The innocent Palavarisai had a lemon gifted to her by her mother. She prepared lime juice and gave it to Allimuthu. The moment he drank the lime juice he fell down and died due to the witchcraft of the seven sisters.

When Pandavas came to know about the death of Allimuthu, they marched towards the kingdom of the seven sisters.

Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna and Subhadra, could not tolerate the death of Allimuthu. He went to the world of Yama and got back the soul of Allimuthu. He carried it in a small locket and merged it with the body of Allimuthu. The prince thus got back his life.

Pandavas soon reached the spot and heard what had happened from Allimuthu.

They then went to the temple of Vana Bhadrakali Amman got her blessing and defeated the sisters in a fierce battle. The army was led by Allimuthu. Six sisters were captured and imprisoned. One of the sisters ran away.

The marriage of Allimuthu and Palavarisai was held with the blessing of Goddess Vanabadrakaliamman. He then ruled the kingdom of the seven sisters.