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Story of Dadhimukha – A Vanara in the Ramayana

Dadhimukha was part of the Vanara (monkey) army in the Ramayana. His name is also mentioned in the Mahabharata. As per Ramayana, he is the maternal uncle of Sugriva, the king of Vanaras. He was the guard and custodian of the Madhuvana, a forest rich in honey, fruits and herbs located between the Mahendra Mountain and Kishkindha.

Dadhimukha was also the leader of a large group of monkeys and he brought the army to rescue Mata Sita. As per Ramayana, the powerful Vanara leader brought 10 crore strong army to join Sugriva and Hanuman.

Ramayana mentions that Angada and other monkeys were happy on receiving the news of sighting of Mata Sita and caused damage to the Madhuvana in their celebration. Dadhimukha complained to Sugriva about the incident. Sugriva asked Dadhimukha to forgive the high spirits of the monkeys.